Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Art & Such

Allow me to begin with a little showcase of my own of some of the artists I love and follow on Etsy:

This is from sanfran67. Remember the early Debut days of Bjork videos like Human Behavior and Venus as a Boy... all bright colors and big shapes and fairy tale weirdness? That is what sanfran67's shop reminds me of. An intricate dreamworld, she also has a website here.

Celeste found Joseph Blake's shop, really worth checking out. These paintings are reminiscent of Zen Shorts author/ illustrator Jon J. Muth, a longtime favorite. In Joseph Blake's shop, I like the descriptions of his individual pieces and his dramatic backgrounds & trees. His "Midwinter" was the runner-up for this post.

Check out michellemoode and these brilliant sculptural pieces. You predict, yes, I love the safety pins... but also these soft colors and the stitching and knots. I don't know what "mulberry paper" is but I sure will investigate! Beautiful. Also, I could stare at her shop banner photo just about all day. : )

* * *

Next time I post one of these Etsy favorites, it will be all about felt crafters! Yeah, you know it.

* * *

Otherwise, Celeste and I celebrated her birthday tonight at a fantastic Japanese restaurant, good conversation, good food. It was delicious and comforting, I hope she really did enjoy her birthday.
(I even used my chopsticks! ...a little wobbly)

Now, though I will be really tempted to post, I may be away for a while due to a large-scale Gocco endeavor I am going to try and do after I get out of work the rest of the week. You see here that "Cookie" will follow "Milk" in Celeste's shop one of these days (don't worry, Vicki, the "Soy" is totally on its way too!) probably beginning in cloth, though taking photos has proven difficult. I hope to get some prints into OUOU of this boy and girl watching the falling snow- it is becoming a juggling act just between screens and the different renditions of this drawing I've done! Very, very fun.

Then its off to Boston and Cape Cod for the week...

I found these right before a trip to CoinStar the other day, just hiding out in my penny jar. Home Sweet Home!

* * *

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Vicki said...

yeah! I get a visit and soy! I am SO lucky.