Saturday, February 28, 2009

...from the desk of...

I have mixed feelings about March. I'll be honest, its not my favorite month. In fact, if Spring and all its good graces were *not* floating through the air throughout Portland I think I would be in a pretty sorry state about entering into a new month. However, we do have flowers blooming (chin up little camper!), and other than that there have been many, many little treasures showing up in my days this past few that remind me good things are indeed in the works.

One of these glimmers has been the kind and exciting inclusion of the above Black Umbrellas in the Bugs and Fishes blog. See Lupin's article on loveliness here! I owe her a debt of gratitude not only for her continued support and sweet words but also for some inspiration. I am working on some colorful designs for April, and of course the Gocco should be back in action this Spring season, but though I want to bring new designs into the shop I had been at a loss as to what to do for March. After showing up on Lupin's blog I've been thinking- wouldn't it be fun to end the winter with tea, cocoa, and steamy drinks that first got me started on Etsy? Yes, themes are good, and I'm thinking March for ouou will be the Month of Tea. I may even try my first ever *BLOG GIVE-AWAY*!

Otherwise I'm happy to say that the shop seems to be holding its own. I just recently packed up and shipped out the last of the hand-drawn ACEO size Valentines- all sold in just a month! I'm really grateful for everyone who showed their support for those, whether or not you count the Gocco prints it was the first time I've offerend original pen & ink drawings. Two of the designs were of tea, so I'm hopeful to get another line going and begin listing soon. Before that, though, will be new printed cards~ they're at the end of their production this weekend. It has been since last Spring that I've had a new A4 card design... Oh what a month March will be!

~On the Homefront~
My nephews are still going through the throes of teething. This means a couple things; first, that my sister is dealing with some pretty irratic sleep (that's a nice way of saying "no sleep for mama") and also, days consist of pretty short attention span for all of us, babies making teeth included. SL has gotten not one but two teeth, while MNJ is growing ever more adventurous in the gnawing preoccupation.

The thing about the last few weeks is there is certainly an up-tempo in keeping them entertained and the rest of the house going. The good news is it seems as though the packaging, printing, cutting, assembling, listing, wrapping, burnishing involved in my Etsy life breaks down into a hundred little tasks, and these hundreds of little tasks spread throughout the day...? It's a good feeling to know that it may be a lot of work, but it is working.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In the last week there are a couple of new things around here. As we acclimate to our new home, my sister is finding her rhythm of home life, my nephews seem to be getting on a predictable schedule (although nights are still changeable), and around these emerging structures I'm finding when the best times are to job hunt, draw, answer emails and get to the post office! Kicking off the adventures in *new*ness, C sent me off to get myself this new haircut- welcome back bangs!

Old Banner

New Banner
I thought maybe while we are still fresh in the new year I might as well have a go at changing the ouou banner. The previous banner had been up since spring of 2008, and maybe come (the actual) spring this year I might try another one. My inspiration comes, yet again, from Angry Chicken, who contantly rotates the banner on her blog. Thats on my list, but until then I'm happy with the icy muted tones of the new ouou intro.

There are some updated photos in the shop now, as well as a few revisited designs for the 4 Bar smallest card size. We had a few days of sunshine here in Portland, enough for a flurry of photographs to be taken, before the winter rain came back.

Also- a new drawing! I'm getting used to the ebb and flow of creative energies since moving here in late May. Considering what has happened since that time- working, staying with my sister during her hospital stay, welcoming the babies to this world, moving and moving and moving again, creating a home and going home and watching all of the changes the boys are going through- I'm sold on the idea that creativity never comes and goes but rather shifts and slides through all the facests of our lives.

Speaking of creative energies, something else is new in our home... a new tooth! Yes, another reason why I come and go infrequently these days is that my nephews are teething. SL has been a virtual Sunny Baudelaire, chewing chewing chewing on everything in his path. In the last several days the chewing was accompanied with crying, fussing, whining, and not very much sleep for him or his mama. It was pretty painful to watch at times and, like most things baby care, we scrambled hour after hour for the anything-that-works solution to ease his new arrival. Welcome, welcome little tooth! I feel so proud and happy to put you on my list of new things!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Spring

We have crocuses, folks! Here are some examples of arrivals from this week that have chased the gloomy clouds and brought some warm, happy feelings back~ ~ ~

Where I'm from you have to wait until April for such early spring guests. Watching the seasons change in this new place has been one of my favorite aspects of relocating, as though with each season I arrive all over again and see this block or that part of town for the first time. There is a growing anticipation, you see neighbors and children outdoors day after day, all breathing in and filling their eyes with these sights of Spring pushing up from the earth.

I also received a cluster of new Moo designs in the mail- so great! I had been waiting these guys for months in order to start bringing packages around to some local shops here in Portland, so I'm especially happy to see them.

We are making advances in the home, as well, the last of our boxes having just come in. My impromptu studio area is expanding through the room as I open more and more treasure troves of paper, stationary, adhesives, ribbon, visual references and craft supplies. It really feels as though our house is becoming ours, and the creative spaces are growing. We are more busy than I expected, catching moments around the emerging schedule my 6 month old nephews are on, so posts will just have to unfold as best I can keep up. I can't wait until I start posting new works and sketches again!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Day Closer

Ah, I hope you all had sweet Valentine's weekends. Oregon celebrated its 150th birthday on the very special day of February 14th, how sweet. Here I'm looking ahead to a new week & new projects. And what helps to put any Etsy seller in a good mood? Being in a Treasury of course! This collection was put together about Gocco artists- one of my favorite themes to look at as well as be a part of:


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Hello all, I hope this post finds you having a happy Valentine's day & great weekend. Here on the home front I hit the ground more with a splat than a bang--- my camera is acting funny. The photographs in this post are actually favorites from the blog last year, not being the biggest fan of my own posts without pics.

This is a good time, too, for me to take a look at these pictures~ my goal for the blog as I started it was to create a peaceful space in the middle of those creative struggles, tasks, job or no job scenarios I was in, or whatever is going on in all of our daily lives. Maybe it is the fact that its winter (oh, but winter is so mild here) or maybe just the wind-down from all the incredible changes 2008 brought but I could really use a reminder of that peaceful intention right now.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi everyone & welcome back to my blog. I feel bad that things have been so spotty lately... with the cold that lasted forever (spores!) I swear I thought I was done for. Also, we moved! Just down the street, but down the street from our good friends is good news around here. The day went without a hitch and the new house is really very sweet.

Our wireless was hooked up today so I'm back online reporting from my still-unfolding room & art making space. I'm excited to put some energy back into the blog on a consistent basis, even have some new Etsy shops I'm excited to share with you! We are still unpacking, accumulating furniture, and I'm on the hunt for a job- so there are many factors going on behind the scenes of laying out my pens and pencils. We will see how the rest of this winter unfolds.

It has been on my mind to get back into blogging regularly, and certainly there is a lot going on in the Handmade community. I'm really excited to be back in action and ready to dust off the blog, warm up the Gocco, and bring on the photo editing! More news as the days unfold, but its good to be back. Oh yes.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving Day

Ah, friends. Sorry to not have blogged very much as January ended and February has begun. I came back from my vacation with a long lasting illness, but not quite the schedule for laying around in bed catching up on my computer work. I'm happy to say as I've been recovering I've also been packing: I'm moving again! In the last year this blog has covered 5 moves, and this will be the last one for a while. Just down the street from our good friends here in se Portland, the new house holds the promise for watercolors, Gocco silkscreen printing- and maybe even letterpress! You can imagine my excitement, but also what has been keeping me busy all this time. Moving day is tomorrow, so have a good weekend my dears and I'll see you on the other side!