Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

button down

I had to make a label for my locker at work (awe, how precious!) so here is my Sharpie sketch from late last night. Yes, feeling better now and yes: can't wait until my hair actually gets back to that length.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Alright, I admit it: this last week was pretty darn lousy. Really it was just my unfocused not-concentrating-ness that was so unshakable. The final straw, yesterday, was me realizing at around 8pm that I had locked myself out of my apartment. Lucky for me my week was blessed with friends who empathize with this state of distraction. I found myself feeling more than a little deflated this afternoon, though. I'm listening to a little Colleen (which has always had a way of relaxing my nerves) and sitting down with a nice steaming cup of tea tonight, intent on giving myself the pause its so obvious I need.

I also treated myself to a new sketchbook and some Arturo Italian stationary paper, which I think I may try a little pen and ink or some washes on. I'm hopeful a little tooth to my paper could add a little excitement to drawing. Working on some squid/ octopus stuff I hope to show you soon, but it may necessitate a trip to my local library first. Anyway, for tonight I think I'll sip my tea and try and get myself to a calm place. I had meant to be blogging with more frequency this week, but this was the best I could do.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You know, I actually don't have much to say tonight. Came home from an exhausting day yesterday and found myself sitting down beginning to end with this sketch before going right to bed. It has been so hot here, and yet still I'm drawing scarves. Sheesh. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the view from here

My sister, who (if you haven't noticed) is a huge part of my story, is progressing throughout what she is calling "The Third Half" of her pregnancy. I believe some things *are* sacred, so I'm actually going to leave it up to her to decide what she wishes to share over the blog-o-sphere. Hopefully over the next couple months I'll find some fun stuff to blog about while she is in the hospital, so that she has some entertaining reading (*wink*- hi Celeste!).

If my friends etc are wondering why I'm skipping over this subject and talking about... like... fun things (just on the blog- I'm delighted that some peeps have sent encouragement!) its because I think this time is profoundly and distinctly Celeste's personal journey. Watching her on this path has offered some of the most beautiful, intense, remarkable experiences of my life. I'm proud of you, sista.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the people in your neighborhood

I want to start off this post with some praise. One of the really great things about blogging during the cross-country road trip was that part of the day when we would get to the hotel and, upon starting up the computer after another tiring day, find comments and cheers from the day before. It really did add to the feeling of being on a grand adventure, and soften the blow of moving so far from everything I had known.

Well, some of those comments came from the intrepid Ms. Sensible Shoes who, by the way, I've never actually met in person. She traveled back in time to my Devil's Tower post just recently and sent me a link to her own travel blog. So cool to see the trip through the eyes of her and her family, to see those mountains again and that wide inspiring sky. Stop by for a look and cheer her along, too! You can find her blog here. :)

If you can pull your drooling eyes away from that delicious photo of homemade jam for a moment, I want to tell you all about this crazy-good delicious homemade jam. :) Celeste's sister-in-spirit Korin recently let me bring home a jar of her oh so good strawberry rhubarb jam she made in those first early weeks of our arrival on this coast. That's right, mom, I said "rhubarb"! This stuff is serious business.

Ms K says it is no big deal, but you know- I'm still new here and these things still stand out to me as remarkable, as well as generous. (Have I told you yet that we have a "worm bin" at work? Seriously- it came up in the interview. My apartment-mate also composts, everyone I know here does but I thought it was because they're home owners. I think the word for that back east is "trash compactor".) It is just such a shift from the mentality from living in, say, Pennsylvania- where I was reading books like Michael Pollen's In Defense of Food... but somehow making a change still felt removed, factual, daunting.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the emerging sense only I could take responsibility for my food choices really hit home in a big way last year, and that those choices absolutely effect a staggering system of people I can't even begin to account for. Seeing our friends not stress about it, not complain about any expense or not eating something because it's out of season is a great comfort. There is proof you can get used to living this way so beautifully. That strawberry rhubarb jam is damn good, but it also goes to show what the precious results can be of making those choices... plus food can (and should!) make people really, delightfully happy. Thank you, Korin!

This past Sunday I by chance caught a re-broadcast of Krista Tippett talking with Barbara Kingsolver in an interview they call "The Ethics of Eating". I highly recommend it, it comes without all those scary facts and statistics that talk about eating local vs. processed foods often shocks with. Last year when it aired I remember thinking "wow, if only...". Somehow now it sounds less daunting to me- perhaps because I've actually had a taste of such lovingly made, simple food and realize "wholesome" is a very special word indeed. For someone who has had such trouble with food for so long, I think I can't even begin to express my relief that I'm beginning to enjoy eating.

Other than that, did you all know it is like 300,000 degrees here? Hot enough for me to look at my paycheck and opt for summer clothes over a bed this month. Hot enough that I'll do something wacky like stop by the DQ for a vanilla cone with sprinkles and actually convince myself it is the very best of ideas.

Looks good, right?
Well, just a little rant from me tonight: I am getting really tired of migraines.
I think everyone that has seen this trend with me over the last many years would agree that the headaches are coming from either exhaustion or sugar depending- and I mean the sugar I should have enough self restraint in my ripe old age to avoid. Tonight I came home from work and spent the last 3 hours "sleeping" off my incredible headache, and I just know this sick-head came from the offending soft serve from the other day. Funny, because I stayed home from my Museum adventure yesterday in hopes to keep the migraine at bay- it struck this afternoon anyway. I am so through with canceling plans or leaving work or not being able to look at a page because of this hurt.

It may be because in the last year or so migraines became more rare for a while, and then returned with such overwhelming nausea as a new addition. So, I hope you don't mind as I openly just complain all out here but they just leave me feeling so frustrated and depleted. I am going to put in the effort for the rest of July to live without processed sugar and see where it leaves me. Hopefully (considering everything I said up top) the "sacrifice" won't seem so bad... just give me several weeks before mentioning chocolate.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've got that special fondness (I think many of us do) for artist's workspaces. Since I can't yet show you my own working space, I can share with you the letterpress studio. The front of the building holds the retail area where I now work, behind a few windows suspended from the ceiling is the letterpress studio where all the custom work is done. It is really lovely working in an environment with so much creative energy (there is also paper-making usually going on in the building, too) and watching kids and parents get all excited when you show them all the activity happening in the back.

I'm going to practice what I preach today, my day off, and go on a little investigation tour of the downtown area. I most certainly know I haven't yet seen it all. There is a super cool Museum of Contemporary Craft not far from the river... perhaps I'll pop in for a look-see. Also, it is supposed to climb into (and perhaps over) the 80's today, so I better get going.

Monday, July 7, 2008

a home is to draw

I've been making fun of my crazy-eye so much lately (self-critical, much?) it began showing up in a couple sketches. Wait... do you see what that says? "A couple sketches"!?- yes, the happy news these days is that I'm getting some drawing done! My moving in situation is still rather silly, though Celeste and I did pick up some of the boxes that have come in and next week, hopefully, I'll have some furniture.

Since I have yet to set up the wireless, internet use here in my new place revolves around an interesting little game. The DSL cord resides in the living room by a big comfortable chair that just sits there, inviting. The cat, Max, doesn't use this chair *at all* I've noticed, but for those times when I wander over to the corner of the living room and plug in my laptop. Then, inevitably, there is a funny little dance that goes on between us regarding:
1. who gets to sit in the chair
2. whether or not it is time to look at the internet or cuddle
3. whether or not the laptop is, indeed, just another lap and thusly an opportunity to cuddle.

Thusly I haven't done much blogging. However, the cat and I seem to have reached an understanding that if by chance I am home in the afternoon... cuddling is out and napping- well, napping really is the business. And so it is that I'm typing this while the cat purrs and sleeps, curled up behind me on the comfy chair (after a brief stint of cuddling).