Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've got that special fondness (I think many of us do) for artist's workspaces. Since I can't yet show you my own working space, I can share with you the letterpress studio. The front of the building holds the retail area where I now work, behind a few windows suspended from the ceiling is the letterpress studio where all the custom work is done. It is really lovely working in an environment with so much creative energy (there is also paper-making usually going on in the building, too) and watching kids and parents get all excited when you show them all the activity happening in the back.

I'm going to practice what I preach today, my day off, and go on a little investigation tour of the downtown area. I most certainly know I haven't yet seen it all. There is a super cool Museum of Contemporary Craft not far from the river... perhaps I'll pop in for a look-see. Also, it is supposed to climb into (and perhaps over) the 80's today, so I better get going.


Karen said...

I love seeing artists/crafting work spaces...I would be just as excited as any kid to see the activities and work going on in the back too!

Rebecca said...

Welcome to Portland and I hope you were able to make it down to the Museum today! Perhaps you can join us on Sunday for Craft PDX, our day-long craft festival on the Park Blocks. We look forward to meeting you.... (You can read more about the event here.)

mushroommeadows said...

Awesome sketch. I love her dress. :)

By the way, the museum is across the river? That sounds like a lovely adventure. :)

laurie said...

Hi Karen~ I know, sometimes its hard for me not to wander back there, sit myself on a high stool, and do the whole "what-cha doin'?" thing.

Hi Rebecca~ thank you so much, I feel welcomed! I didn't make it to the Museum but I'm sure I'll be really smitten with the display when I do. I'll surely plan in the Block Party- that is so nice of you!

Hi Mushroommeadows~ I should have said "there is a Museum across the river, through the city, under the overpass, at the foot of the mountain..." and included something about a witch and perhaps a golden egg.
Maybe once I get there...