Monday, July 7, 2008

a home is to draw

I've been making fun of my crazy-eye so much lately (self-critical, much?) it began showing up in a couple sketches. Wait... do you see what that says? "A couple sketches"!?- yes, the happy news these days is that I'm getting some drawing done! My moving in situation is still rather silly, though Celeste and I did pick up some of the boxes that have come in and next week, hopefully, I'll have some furniture.

Since I have yet to set up the wireless, internet use here in my new place revolves around an interesting little game. The DSL cord resides in the living room by a big comfortable chair that just sits there, inviting. The cat, Max, doesn't use this chair *at all* I've noticed, but for those times when I wander over to the corner of the living room and plug in my laptop. Then, inevitably, there is a funny little dance that goes on between us regarding:
1. who gets to sit in the chair
2. whether or not it is time to look at the internet or cuddle
3. whether or not the laptop is, indeed, just another lap and thusly an opportunity to cuddle.

Thusly I haven't done much blogging. However, the cat and I seem to have reached an understanding that if by chance I am home in the afternoon... cuddling is out and napping- well, napping really is the business. And so it is that I'm typing this while the cat purrs and sleeps, curled up behind me on the comfy chair (after a brief stint of cuddling).


Celeste said...

happy post ^_^

mollie said...

lovely sketches! glad that things are settling in...

Vicki said...

oh yeah! sketchings! <3

laurie said...

Yay! :D

korin said...

OH I love that sketch. :D