Monday, June 30, 2008

moving in

Here we go, moving into my new apartment! Yeah, I don't have any furniture yet, so I put my clothes on hangers... stood back and thought: "ta da!". While I was on my way to the place (from... buying hangers) I was out for the exotic and rare Portland thunderstorm. Walking around Hawthorne, it was impossible not to note just how many small businesses were closed due to the heat. People in the neighborhoods I walked through were out on porches, watching the skies and/ or having BBQs. I hope by this time next year I'm settled enough for a BBQ!

I may not have furniture, but I've already accumulated a small stack of reading material. Titles I'm working on (from the bottom up):
1. Refresh, Refresh (short stories) by Benjamin Percy
2. Growing Up Ethnic in America (short stories) edited by Maria Gillan
3. Revenge of the Lawn (novel) by Richard Brautigan
4. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ("A Year of Food Life") by Barbara Kingsolver
5. Awake at Work (Buddhist practices in the workplace) by Michael Carroll

And, I know it is already in so many blogs but I just wanted to give a nod over to SMALL magazine. Working with so many artists and designers I really love, I'm glad (other than some clothes) the sketchbook is unpacked. Now I just need to find my light box. Anyway, they've put together a really beautiful, inspiring edition for summertime.
Cool stuff.
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Celeste said...

It's so cool to see your new life in PDX unfolding! Your new place is so cute and cozy. Congrats and love.

always young at heart said...

glad to see your room is light and airy. really think about Craig's list to fill that space and please don't scrimp on a mattress! xx, mom

Megan said...

I'm so excited that you'll be reading Refresh, Refresh! I loved that book, such a great short story collection.