Friday, June 27, 2008

come together

Hello June, month of plans coming together~

I'm relieved and happy to announce I accepted a job today. (lets out 10 month long held breath)
I'll give you a hint from one of my favorite blogs also, weirdly, posted today. eee ooo :) ...

I'll be moving into my new place this weekend, and hopefully getting some furniture for my room at the same time. Ah, so much excitement going on in my pattering heart! Also, I just had a latte. Maybe I'll go run around the block in celebration.

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Vicki said...

I saw where your new job is. And all I can say is wow, and how appropriate! In fact, when I was hunting for wedding invitations a couple of years ago, I absolutely fell head over heals for one of their designs (spring blossom) but could not afford it. But, hooray, you are working there now! How fun!