Sunday, July 20, 2008

button down

I had to make a label for my locker at work (awe, how precious!) so here is my Sharpie sketch from late last night. Yes, feeling better now and yes: can't wait until my hair actually gets back to that length.


Celeste said...

i see there are no bangs. :nodding my approval:

Vicki said...


I loved Laurie's bangs but I understand about the pain of maintaining and growing them out. I went through that and now, I'm putting myself through it all over again. Fun times!

Though, Laurie, you are always cute, no matter what.

mushroommeadows said...

I want my hair to grow out long too!!! It's taking forever! :)

laurie said...

What is it with hair? I guess it's like the "watched pot" scenario (rolls eyes... at hair).

I'm going to get Vicki and Celeste in a room together so they can shake hands over the hair style I should have. Thank you both for keeping me chuckling all the while. :)

Vicki, they suit you- they really look terrific! Thank you, sweetie.