Saturday, July 19, 2008


Alright, I admit it: this last week was pretty darn lousy. Really it was just my unfocused not-concentrating-ness that was so unshakable. The final straw, yesterday, was me realizing at around 8pm that I had locked myself out of my apartment. Lucky for me my week was blessed with friends who empathize with this state of distraction. I found myself feeling more than a little deflated this afternoon, though. I'm listening to a little Colleen (which has always had a way of relaxing my nerves) and sitting down with a nice steaming cup of tea tonight, intent on giving myself the pause its so obvious I need.

I also treated myself to a new sketchbook and some Arturo Italian stationary paper, which I think I may try a little pen and ink or some washes on. I'm hopeful a little tooth to my paper could add a little excitement to drawing. Working on some squid/ octopus stuff I hope to show you soon, but it may necessitate a trip to my local library first. Anyway, for tonight I think I'll sip my tea and try and get myself to a calm place. I had meant to be blogging with more frequency this week, but this was the best I could do.

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Celeste said...

ah, the view from my hospital room!

it's been a hard week for our whole core group here in pdx. take some calm moments when you can, and some calms forte when moments are scarce. xoxo