Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the view from here

My sister, who (if you haven't noticed) is a huge part of my story, is progressing throughout what she is calling "The Third Half" of her pregnancy. I believe some things *are* sacred, so I'm actually going to leave it up to her to decide what she wishes to share over the blog-o-sphere. Hopefully over the next couple months I'll find some fun stuff to blog about while she is in the hospital, so that she has some entertaining reading (*wink*- hi Celeste!).

If my friends etc are wondering why I'm skipping over this subject and talking about... like... fun things (just on the blog- I'm delighted that some peeps have sent encouragement!) its because I think this time is profoundly and distinctly Celeste's personal journey. Watching her on this path has offered some of the most beautiful, intense, remarkable experiences of my life. I'm proud of you, sista.