Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome Spring

We have crocuses, folks! Here are some examples of arrivals from this week that have chased the gloomy clouds and brought some warm, happy feelings back~ ~ ~

Where I'm from you have to wait until April for such early spring guests. Watching the seasons change in this new place has been one of my favorite aspects of relocating, as though with each season I arrive all over again and see this block or that part of town for the first time. There is a growing anticipation, you see neighbors and children outdoors day after day, all breathing in and filling their eyes with these sights of Spring pushing up from the earth.

I also received a cluster of new Moo designs in the mail- so great! I had been waiting these guys for months in order to start bringing packages around to some local shops here in Portland, so I'm especially happy to see them.

We are making advances in the home, as well, the last of our boxes having just come in. My impromptu studio area is expanding through the room as I open more and more treasure troves of paper, stationary, adhesives, ribbon, visual references and craft supplies. It really feels as though our house is becoming ours, and the creative spaces are growing. We are more busy than I expected, catching moments around the emerging schedule my 6 month old nephews are on, so posts will just have to unfold as best I can keep up. I can't wait until I start posting new works and sketches again!

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