Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In the last week there are a couple of new things around here. As we acclimate to our new home, my sister is finding her rhythm of home life, my nephews seem to be getting on a predictable schedule (although nights are still changeable), and around these emerging structures I'm finding when the best times are to job hunt, draw, answer emails and get to the post office! Kicking off the adventures in *new*ness, C sent me off to get myself this new haircut- welcome back bangs!

Old Banner

New Banner
I thought maybe while we are still fresh in the new year I might as well have a go at changing the ouou banner. The previous banner had been up since spring of 2008, and maybe come (the actual) spring this year I might try another one. My inspiration comes, yet again, from Angry Chicken, who contantly rotates the banner on her blog. Thats on my list, but until then I'm happy with the icy muted tones of the new ouou intro.

There are some updated photos in the shop now, as well as a few revisited designs for the 4 Bar smallest card size. We had a few days of sunshine here in Portland, enough for a flurry of photographs to be taken, before the winter rain came back.

Also- a new drawing! I'm getting used to the ebb and flow of creative energies since moving here in late May. Considering what has happened since that time- working, staying with my sister during her hospital stay, welcoming the babies to this world, moving and moving and moving again, creating a home and going home and watching all of the changes the boys are going through- I'm sold on the idea that creativity never comes and goes but rather shifts and slides through all the facests of our lives.

Speaking of creative energies, something else is new in our home... a new tooth! Yes, another reason why I come and go infrequently these days is that my nephews are teething. SL has been a virtual Sunny Baudelaire, chewing chewing chewing on everything in his path. In the last several days the chewing was accompanied with crying, fussing, whining, and not very much sleep for him or his mama. It was pretty painful to watch at times and, like most things baby care, we scrambled hour after hour for the anything-that-works solution to ease his new arrival. Welcome, welcome little tooth! I feel so proud and happy to put you on my list of new things!


kelly said...

cute 'do!

mushroommeadows said...

oh my gosh! You look so cute!

Karen said...

Love the bangs -- wish I could pull them off as well as you! :)

laurie said...

Thank you ladies- awe- I'm blushing! :D