Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi everyone & welcome back to my blog. I feel bad that things have been so spotty lately... with the cold that lasted forever (spores!) I swear I thought I was done for. Also, we moved! Just down the street, but down the street from our good friends is good news around here. The day went without a hitch and the new house is really very sweet.

Our wireless was hooked up today so I'm back online reporting from my still-unfolding room & art making space. I'm excited to put some energy back into the blog on a consistent basis, even have some new Etsy shops I'm excited to share with you! We are still unpacking, accumulating furniture, and I'm on the hunt for a job- so there are many factors going on behind the scenes of laying out my pens and pencils. We will see how the rest of this winter unfolds.

It has been on my mind to get back into blogging regularly, and certainly there is a lot going on in the Handmade community. I'm really excited to be back in action and ready to dust off the blog, warm up the Gocco, and bring on the photo editing! More news as the days unfold, but its good to be back. Oh yes.

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