Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Felt Issue

Okay darlings, I just can't go another day without posting about those great felt artists on Etsy!

It is chilly and snowing here in PA, looks like I am not going to make it to Massachusetts, so to cheer myself and add some warm goodness to the doorway of Winter, here is an introduction to some amazing arts. From time to time I'll take a stroll with you through some fun shops that have caught my attention: I hope you have fun scrolling through this colorful, light-hearted extravaganza & welcome your suggestions too!

Let's get started with the King of the Jungle:

Rory Lion you have stolen my heart! (swoon) This chubbers from Scatterbox Originals absolutely glows bright orange and marigold warmth. Their shop has a lot of lovely brooches and printed tapes, and those wrist warmers ain't too shabby neither, but Rory is certainly my favorite. Boxy, stoic, cuddly... Scatterbox has made the perfect stuffy. : )

Stockings galore are just the beginning in color-bonanza rikrak! Kinckknack ornaments come in simple red & white... maybe its my love of things Scandinavian, but those ornaments certainly don't have to be just for Christmas. They would make great gift tags, bag embellishments, office eye-candy. Beautiful. They sell fantastic bibs (what first caught my attention) and adorable iron-ons, too!

...And yes, for those ex-Girl Scouts in the room, they do, yes indeed, make rickrack look good!!! Nummy num num.

If those ears don't convince you, what about those whiskers? Girl savage has a shop full of hand-stitched goodness, Kelly green bunny (and those floppy ears) along with Sid the sunk are the two I'd like to highlight. Seriously folk-y and funny, go check out this shop because not only have you never seen Feltidermy like this before, but these plush look as tried & true as anyone's favorite binky, blanky, or little red wagon!

There's never enough good things to say about Lupin (shown above)... certainly the shop that started my felt craze. After finding that shop I stumbled into KupKup Land (shown below) and that, dear friends, was history.

These two masters of the felt arts not only have beautiful work, but beautiful shops too! Lupin's photography is some of the best on Etsy, and KupKup Land has succeeded like few others in creating a miniature and surreal world for these creations. I follow both blogs religiously and eagerly await the day I can purchase a bit of scenery from KupKup and a custom mobile from Lupin! I may start with a tea cup and work my way up.

And what felt adoration post would be complete without some booties!? Rory would totally wear these... if he wore shoes. These green dinosaur booties from Babycakes Collection are the most practical things in my list of feltastic Etsy finds, but also little pieces of art in their own right. And... do I see rickrack?

* * *


rikrak said...

oh my heavens - i am such a huge fan of your amazing art - and i am honoured to be part of your beautiful blog! thanks so very much!

you are such a fabulous creator - i especially appreciate your kind words, nicey!

be well,
and thanks again,
k. @ rikrak

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, I'm falling all over myself I'm so excited! Look how sweet you are... you made my night : ). I'm very touched.

Your shop of absolutely beautiful, I had no idea which picture to use, everything is so vibrant! I love it that you work with people's favorite fabrics, I'll be moseying on over for a quilt one of these days. ( :

Keep on rocking the felt world- Thank *you*
all my best~ L

Catherine said...

I just stumbled across this blog - thank you so much for featuring Rory! :)
I'm going to add a link to this blog from mine, if thats ok?

Laurie said...

Yay! Yes indeed, Catherine, that would be wonderful!
I love your shop, Rory is in a special place in my heart. : )

I'm thrilled you want to link me to your blog- I'll go check it out tonight! Thank you for your beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

I am tickled and honored that you choose my booties for your blog. I am inspired by the other felt workers, and humbled to be presented with them. Thanks -- Lisa of Babycakes