Monday, December 31, 2007

little foot-in-bucket

well, right before leaving for the post office today i stubbed and, yep, broke my wee pinkie toe. since i'm sitting here in ice anyway i thought i would catch up with Heroes (i'm still on season 1) and do some blogging.

the shop has been through some changes lately in preparation for new year and new designs. i've brought in some mini card designs in sets of both 5 and 10. very excited about these... and being able to finally tag something "ninja". etsy doesn't have a giant mutant kung fu octopus tag, but i'm sure admin is working on it. until then, i typed "geek" with a contented sigh.

they are also among the several designs for my freebies, my next step is to make some little sleeves for them. i would like all my mailing goods to be reusable, so i have high hopes for those. otherwise, i finally updated my shipping to bring down my Canada rates and provide rates for the UK! those Little Monkey moleskines are doing just swimmingly, once we get more Gocco screens i'll be expanding that line.

anyway, i hope everybody has a happy new year!


always young at heart said...

well, little foot in the bucket, I have to read your blog to find out this news? what a way to end the year. We will be talking to you tonight.

Laurie said...

i KNOW... what took me so long to watch Heroes?! (smirk)

noricum said...

Owie! I hope you feel better soon.

Laurie said...

thank you darling! That is sweet!

Vicki said...

WAHHH!!! You broke your little toe? And ninjas?

I hope your toe heals quickly. No more ninja jumping for you.

Laurie said...

When I told Celeste about the brokey toe I couldn't help but note it was a pretty cute injury. Drat that little toe! :) Thanks V, and I'll be sending you some ninjas soon!