Tuesday, January 1, 2008

toes have won my respect

My other job apart from Etsy is still schlepping books in a bookstore, and though bookstores are friendly in so many ways, perhaps not so much to the broken toes. It was sort of a hard day because of that, but I'll tell you my fun story from earlier today in my relief to be sitting and enjoying some relaxing tea.

One of those terms of endearment my best friend from college calls me is "Lupin". So, when I started to think of creating a shop, the first domain name I checked was "Lupin". It was taken, but this was last year & before I even knew what I would sell, so I wasn't too broken up about it.

In fact, I was so excited to find Lupin's shop! She just happens to be a fantastic artist and is the author of the crafty blog Bugs and Fishes which, although I am not so savvy with fiber arts, I find a delightful & inspirational read. Not only did she fast become one of my Etsy heroes, but finding her shop began my exciting search through Etsy's felt crafters. As a nod to the UK inspirational Lupin, one of the first designs I drew for my shop was the Cocoa with Green Dragon illustration. From there, it was a split between who in "Warm Tidings" was drinking cocoa and who was sipping tea! The root, however, was the same~ her Little Teacup pin:

Wow, would you believe that this morning upon waking I saw I finally made my 100th sale! And to Lupin, no less! Full circle!

Anyway, thank you for listening to my happy circumstance story. There are some fun new designs in the shop, and more to come. You may notice the stirrings of springtime themes and quite a few more things on the heads of things! May 2008 infuse you all with creative, lovely spirit & healthy toes all year round.


Celeste said...

hear, hear!

You didn't mention the further coincidence that you and I both read Bugs and Fishes regularly, and just 2 days ago on our pre-broken-toe walk, we were talking about her awesomeness! the Nadeau girls love Lupin!

korin said...

ooooh sorry about the broken toe! ouchy! yay for 100 sales!

Laurie said...

Hear Hear Celeste! Belay Belay! And thank you Korin! :)