Thursday, February 21, 2008

1001 Thank You's!

(picking jaw up off floor) Wow! Happy Etsyversary month ouou! You're going to Disney Land! well, not really, but thank you for the milestone!
(... my mom's in Disney Land right now... does that count?)

Hi Mom!
Thank You Etsy!


Knittah said...

I'm hopping over to try and be 1002!

Laurie said...

1006, Knittah!
Holy Batman, Batman! That's pretty darn revolutionary :) Thank you sweet lady, you're wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Big hug & Glad Grif is doing good (woof!)

Celeste said...

YAY for 1000! It's pretty incredible - I'm still at under 700!

Nice week of posting, loves.

Laurie said...

I'm pretty sure, to date, you have 1,700 hearts + my dear C... considering every heart I have in my life bows to the love and support I get from my big sis. You're my rock, man.
Loves right back at you! True, that! ;)