Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lucky 900!

Hey everybody!

A day of ups and downs today, with more exciting news of press. First, upon waking up and checking the shop (a morning ritual I am seriously trying to break myself of) I received a little note from the wonderful crazycoconut saying that I had been blogged! Following the link, I was awestruck to find I've been blogged in The Portland Mercury! As in Portland, Oregon! Destination 2008! What a welcome!

How sweet that was, giving my day all sorts of momentum. It has been snowing here pretty steadily but never really accumulating, a foggy crackling drippy mess. So, needless to say I didn't leave the apartment much and don't have product photos for you. But it reminded me (what with Winter returning) to write about being blogged here, too. I'm now a happy reader of Life of a Busy Little Bee (though I'm a teeny bit jealous of that photo of snow) and her knitting loveliness! Really beautifully designed blog with a spirited author.

I finished a compliment to this design that lives in Bamboo Village Press. With that drawing done (photos soon) I was able to burn a new Gocco screen, and with Moleskines on their way hopefully it will be a printy weekend.

Everything was going so well, even some convos from some of my favorite shops, I got caught up in some caffeinated exuberance. You see, Sumo (the little beta fish who keeps Hagrid the big house plant company) sadly lost his home today. He is still in good health, transfered to a smaller vase so I could wash out his bowl. But I broke his bowl with my soapy hands, and he has been swimming back and forth in fishy confusion all evening. "Where are my rocks!? If I keep touching my nose to the glass in this fashion, will I get my big bowl back? ...Where are my rocks?" Sorry, Sum!

Other than that, I've reached 900 hearts in the shop (!) and have my 3 month EtsyVersary tomorrow... Valentine's Day! Amazing!


korin said...

yay! welcome to portland :D

xo, Korin

Karen said...

what a happy day; congrats on all of the bloggy-love! :)

Laurie said...

I Can't wait to meet you Korin! You're amazing! :)
Karen, hope you are having a happy day, too! Love in bunches!

korin said...

I'm not amazing. I'm just regular. with a side of spicy!

Laurie said...

We like the spice. The spice rules!