Tuesday, February 26, 2008

taking pictures

this morning, all of the photos I needed to take came out pretty good. I'm becoming more comfortable with the photo side of Etsy. colors could have been more vibrant, but it is raining here today so there is very little light. it was fun to take more photos of shells. I grew up by the ocean, and cannot wait to get back to the beach in April!

here are the tags that came into the shop today. I'll work on some cloth with this simple image, as well as some upcoming birds. I'm leaning toward trying out more pattern these days, though I'm not sure if it's less fetching since I don't use a computer for my work.

last week ouou's Puddles and Dragons showed up here in the wonderful Skully's blog. I really love the artists that were showcased in the post, and was surprised and elated to be among them. those big, chunky crayons?! I remember those! (big smile) and can't wait to get my tree-swing on! ouou also showed up in one of my sweetest customer's Flickr album! so rockin Siben Morgen! it inspired me to get to it & put together a page on Flickr (about time) that I'm still working on... a nice thing to do at night while the Daily Show is on.


Maiken said...

Laurie, my Gocco print arrived today and I LOVE IT! It has been placed in a frame and set on my "Inspiration Shelf" in my studio. Thanks! Maiken

Laurie said...

Hi Maiken! I'm so glad you like your cards! You've made my day sunnier, thank you thank you! :)

Vicki said...

I think your photogs are fantastic! And I don't have to remind you how much I love your drawings and paintings. Keep it up girl!

laurie said...

mmm... it's so nice to have you back, V!