Saturday, March 1, 2008

Art and Such (2.0) & Paint-In

Well. Here we are. The weekend. (looks at watch) 5 days until the next Lost episode.

We are getting flurries today, and I hear Boston is hunkering down for "another round of severe weather". I always hated that, you know... when it hits on a Saturday? (Knowing my friends there, they probab
ly just plain old hate it at this point). April is right around the corner, guys! Really it is!

Taking a lovely coffee break, maybe it's time for another round of Art & Such!
The first artist I want to talk about is the amazing AJ Fosik, whose work I read about in the October 07 edition of Juxtapoz. A former graffiti artist who has incredible graphic work, he turned then to 3D work that has this powerful, detailed, old world animal-god quality to it! Above is the Juxtapoz magazine page I tore out and have in my room as inspiration, you can find an amazing shot of his work on this Flickr page here. Also, check out the Swindle article here
. Every new work I see by this artist just floors me & initiates long sessions of thunderstruck awe.

Another sculptor who has recently captured my wonderment is Tricia Cline. On the other side of the spectrum from AJ Fosik, but with equal power and skill, Tricia Cline sculpts ultra-clean, iconic works in a style reminiscent of classical sculpture. She also has work that invites you into a sort of story-land, a surreal offering of seemingly incongruous figures and objects, or participants in a mythological drama but with a medium like porcelain it's no wonder the sculptures take on an other-worldly (spiritual?) untouchable quality. I love the haunting faces, expressions, gestures with the hands, and am totally stunned that she is self-taught. Read her artist statement here or simply browse her gallery here. Her website is fantastic.

* * *

Next Art & Such will be from Etsy artists on a "Story Time" theme. I can't wait! For those of you who don't know, Etsy was on Martha Stewart on Friday, and an interview about Etsy Labs in Brooklyn will be on NPR's Weekend Edition this Sunday! Go Etsy!

Not much of a show and tell for you from me as the light is unpredictable here for pictures, but there sure is a large scale Paint-In going on over here. I'm planning on some big changes going into the last chapter of OUOU (version 1.0) before packing up the whole operation and re-opening in ...May? I've re-listed designs that I over printed during Christmas and installed a "Moving Sale" section that will be up for March.

Last, I want to extend a huge shout-out to Little Bee & Mixed Plate for their recent OUOU features. It was an incredible end of the week in the shop, and since I have been lucky enough to work on this full-time I can't express how much I appreciate the enthusiasm! It literally puts food on the table! (smile). Good luck with the snow out there, Jen! And my very best & warmest to everyone this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Laurie! The snow is starting to melt now from all the rain we've started to get! :) Ah, such is life in Maine. I'm glad you had a great week in the shop, you deserve it!