Sunday, March 16, 2008

typical sunday

It has been a typical Sunday: sleeping in, rainy drizzle outside, I'm drinking a little too much coffee, staying in my jammies too long while watching Meet the Press, about to begin some Gocco prints before making a stir-fry for lunch.

I admit, last week I took a break from the blog due to a crazy amount of stress. Several of the blogs I follow confessed to general grumpiness, too, so I feel a little better about admitting that. Thursday I went to downtown Philadelphia to get out of this suburban-stuck feeling. We are packing up and moving in 43 days (!!) and very, very restless. Spring is here, adding to this sense of muscle-stretching, leaf-turning urgency. I had the camera with me, here are some photographs from around Rittenhouse Square, before I tucked away in a bookstore and spent the afternoon hours doodling:

I've started putting sketches from my notebooks into Flickr, I prefer pencil to anything else... it is just the most basic and satisfying medium.
I hope we have time on the road trip to get photos of the experience! I'm a bit of a home-body and have never done anything like this before (2 years ago at 27 was the first time I'd ever been on a plane!), but first it seemed fitting to add some of Philly. I just tried out this tool for making mosaics ... what a charming little collage of my winter!

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