Friday, April 25, 2008

happy Friday

Hi guys. The blog has been sort-of ignored lately, at least not the most mindful posts, and I apologize for that. The move is going great (in that things are really coming together) underneath all the tiredness! My mother and family friends were generous enough to travel up to Boston and take care of my long-idle storage unit there. Even though I didn't participate in that clearing out it has felt like a weight has lifted.

This part of the journey has long been about a great clearing out of the possessions I accumulated in my 20's. Much of that work awaits me in Massachusetts, but just knowing its beginning is reassuring. Celeste is still feeling a great deal of pain daily from her ribs, which is making this part for her so much worse, so I'm hopeful in MA we switch roles. Hopefully for her, those weeks will be much more about watching this process unfold with real surprise and amazement.

We are back to pretty constant out of the house chores for another weekend, thrift stores and post office and such. The weather has been clear and in the upper 70's. Unbelievably beautiful, we both keep reminding each other to enjoy it while we can. I'll get you some pictures of the brilliant dogwoods but meanwhile, the maple leaves burst into action this week. There's constant sneezing while eastern PA is coated in the film of bright green pollen. 2 posts ago I put up my view from about 7 days ago, and above is how it looked just 3 days ago. It was (ah-choo!) so fast!

Have a sunny, green, and peaceful weekend everyone!


mushroommeadows said...

I'm so glad the move is going well, and that you are experiencing Spring!

Krissy said...

Hooray for spring! beautiful photos.

laurie said...

Thank you!
I love Spring too (sniffles)! :)