Friday, April 11, 2008

We Have Gear!

Not so Painty Friday today, but TGIF to all my conventional friends out there. I'm interrupting what would normally be Painty Day to introduce ouou's expanded section: DIY and Clothing! Here I've had iron-ons in the shop for over a month, and will be offering several sheet designs altogether, the ouou children's gear I'm going to list will mostly be images that aren't on the sheets. The Little Monsters below are already up, Blush from above is going to be listed later this afternoon, 3 different styles and another onesie next week. :)

I've got to get outside into the crisp weather before thunder rolls in, but while I'm posting here are the things I'm working on for the weekend:

I'll be posting about my experience with Gocco since there have been a lot of questions coming in recently. Any new Gocco converts are awesome, but it really is a huge investment of money so I try to be upfront with people about what you will need/ run in to. I'll be mostly using my weekend for taxes (nervous! first year of 1099) but I'll release the new iron-on sheets Saturday and Sunday, too. My sister and I have been glued to Netflix of BSG Season 3 (we had been waiting for months) so with the
and *science fiction marathon
it promises to be a nerdy, nerdy weekend. :)


Christopher And Tia said...

Those iron ons are SO cute!!! I MUST get some.

xx Tia

M.KATE said...

pretty post :)

Majane said...

I saw that you added me on Flickr and so I followed your link.
Your work is so cute! Sweet, sweet.

Tina said...

I really like your illustrations.

laurie said...

Thank you, guys~ so many new faces! This was such a fun post, I'm glad you liked it too. <3's!