Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day 6 Continued: Sturgis to Deadwood

After the Petrified Forest it was a quick stop in Sturgis, South Dakota, for lunch. Sturgis is the home of Bike Week, where thousands of bikers from all over converge once a year... and they were getting ready for it while we were in town. We ate a seriously questionable lunch at Phil-Town right off the highway, took pictures of the surrounding town, and hustled back to the car.

Heading into the Black Hills again:

I'm not sure why either one of us chose Deadwood to visit, neither P nor I gamble really and that was about all there was to do there... other than get some pictures of the architecture in town:

We did have a really great walk after all that fried food, and though you can't much tell- the sun was extremely bright and strong that day. After about an hour and a fresh sunburn we plotted out or drive through the Hills to get back to Rapid City.

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Anonymous said...

it's funny, i don't really remember the black hills! did you drive through the park there, with all the bison and the burros? did you see any groundhogs?

can't wait to see yellowstone!