Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 7: on the way to Devil's Tower

Devil's Tower is in Wyoming, and so day 7 included a whole new state for the journey. You see Deadwood on the map above, and Sundance to the west of it? In red, right near Devil's Tower Junction you'll notice Devil's Tower Monument... our first destination for the day.

Pulling over for ranchers and cows (they waved at all of us with our cameras like "yes, yes, we know we're cowboys. Y'all just have a super day. Okie doke.")

It wasn't long before... off in the distance... stirrings of Close Encounters fluttering in my heart...

Early in the morning, already 80 degrees...

After an hour or two of driving we found ourselves getting nearer and nearer to Devil's Tower... but hungrier and hungrier. Stopped in one of my (now) favorite little towns on our route, Moorcroft (pop. 807). A small ranch-looking town, Celeste said today "that's probably what you thought Deadwood would look like" and had it just right. There was a pizza joint, which I found so unusual that we stopped in for lunch.

The owner came over and talked to us (I think it was real obvious we were from "out of town") and asked if we were coming from the tower. Turns out he was born and raised in NYC, had come to the area 30 years earlier and never went back. He made us an absolutely scrumptious personal pizza!

The hills... so amazing... more tomorrow about the Tower!

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