Thursday, May 15, 2008

did somebody say road trip?

Hi again! Oh, my gosh, I had no idea how long it would take us to get to a wireless location! How is everybody? Good? Remember Etsy? Wow, I feel so out of touch!

Well, rest assured we are still on the road trip across America. I'll catch you up best as possible. Above are the characters in this wild romp. That's my lovely (almost 5 month pregnant with twins!) sister Celeste on the left, Swatchy there in the middle (I'll post about that later), me (crying) in the black jacket, and my friend P who normally resides in San Francisco on the right. Celeste flew out to Oregon ahead of us yesterday, and I'm happy to report got there safe and in good health! Meanwhile, P and I are on day 3 of this cross-country trek.

We started in Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. Here is the bridge leaving the Cape, where I grew up:

And this is where we got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, where I lived last year... good old New York City:

The first day we drove through Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, got food in New Jersey, on through New York and Pennsylvania.

After spending the first night in a hotel in PA we set out for Adrian, Michigan, where P grew up.

Rain caught up with us in Ohio yesterday and followed along until this morning. We spent Wednesday with P's parents, went to see Iron Man and looked at P's childhood photos (why didn't I put him through that ritual of being home?) before the deepest sleep in days! Michigan in the rain:

This morning we set out to spend the afternoon in Chicago, spirits high:

...but about 4 hours later tempers were tested as our stomachs were growling:

Yikes! I was pretty testy. That meal was soooooo good, though. :)

I'll catch up with more of our trip around wonderful, beautiful, clean, amazing Chicago tomorrow night. We pushed to get into a hotel tonight before Lost came on and its P's turn to use the internet. It sure is great to be blogging again. Sleep well & thanks to all the comments recently... I feel like I've been away from the internet so long! : ) Happy Trails!


mollie said...

It's a shame you've landed here during cooler spring days...But I hope you're enjoying the stay in kind of town...

mushroommeadows said...

I was getting a little worried about you...but I'm glad you're doing well!!

You make me want to go on a roadtrip...sigh. :D Love the pictures! You guys are all SO CUTE! :)

Korin said...

yay!!! :D I'm taking good care of C, I promise! be safe, we can't wait to see you.

laurie said...

Hi All! :)
Mollie- I loved Chicago! The weather didn't get me down at all, it is such a pretty place I'm hopeful I'll be back some day for more time.

MM~ I'm so behind in blogs, I hope you're well! Thank you dear!

K~give my sis a big huge hug for me and I'll have her give one to you. I'm so excited to get there, too!

always young at heart said...

just remembered I could check your blog and was delighted to see some entries. miss you lots but happy to share the ROAD TRIP. mama