Wednesday, May 28, 2008

End Day 7: Leaving Wyoming

From Devil's Tower the goal was to get to the town of Sheridan to spend the night, and spend the next day looking around Montana. All of these pictures were taken off of the highway. Wyoming was flatter than Montana (we hadn't gotten there yet) with many more farms and ranches, but for the first time we saw real mountains off in the distance by the end of the day! Still, the hills were beautiful, and we saw much more green in Wyoming than previous states.

Totem a ways away from a rest area:

This little house nestled in trees was next to the gas station we stopped at. I should have taken a photo of the "LEATHER, SKULLS, FOOD" sign but didn't see it until we were driving away.

Most of the time in Wyoming I spent staring at the sky... I've never seen anything like it! Closest maybe would be being out on the middle of the ocean, we were lucky to get extraordinary clouds that afternoon too. A lovely evening, cooler, driving toward the snow-capped mountains revived our adventurous spirits! Real mountains!

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