Sunday, June 1, 2008

(currently, in Portland)

Hi all! Just a little check-in from Portland.

This past week I've been getting to know Celeste's friends in the area, and generally absorbing the whirlwind of travel, changes, and socializing over the last month and a half. It is now June, the roses have come into bloom all around the city this week making an even more delicious palate for the eye. Celeste had her first visit with a midwife, I've been looking around at job possibilities, and Lost had it's season finale (whew!) this past week.

I'm doing my best to work on some sketches when I can, very much aware of the trove of paints, inks, pens, papers and general supplies I dug up while in Massachusetts... awaiting my attention. Slowly I'm coming out of travel-mode, considering projects to take up in my evenings and roads leading back to opening the shop.

We have just come back from a delicious brunch at Marcos Cafe here in SW Portland, looking forward to a leisurely day of chores and craft. The blogging from the road trip is almost at an end, though most everything after Little Bighorn was the most fun around every corner. More soon!

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