Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Japanese Garden

Part of the family excursion this weekend was a visit to the Japanese Garden here in Portland. Between the 5 of us we got some nice photos. :) It was recommended to me when I first came to town, and ever since I've been looking for an excuse to get there. In previous visits my mother and brother had made to the state we hadn't really done any exploring (Multnomah Falls and Burgerville were the best we could manage) while the babies were very very new. Not only had my father joined the crew this time around, but we are running out of non-rainy days 'round these parts.

my hobbit house would look perfect right about here.

It threatened to rain, but we spent hours there with not a drop. The whole thing was entirely peaceful and not too crowded. Mostly, the lot of us spent our time and eyes on the twins, but the view in those parts was pretty darn beautiful as well.

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