Sunday, November 2, 2008

my fall colors

And now, November. Yes, I tried valiantly (by taking a gargantuan number of photos) to post daily in October- but this past month every string that wove together the fabric of days seemed to get itself into a new pattern. Going down the list of events is its own microcosm family album. My brother S, mother, father, and S's girlfriend all visited early in the month. Since they left, it is as though I've been on autopilot, and the month of October itself has been lived out in ultra-fine details... face right up to the glass... this moment that moment the next.

I have a couple more sketches to post and will empty out my memory card tomorrow and hope for some good light. The rain here has started right on cue though, I must say, October was some of the most remarkable sunny fall days I've ever seen. I can't complain about the rain, but I certainly will be investing in wellies and stocking up on "extra" umbrellas this year. Lucky for me, Portland is full of expats from other regions of the country, snow or sun we'll be missing as the winter plods on, so I feel as though I have a good set of friends to lament with should my wonder of it all begins to wane.

For a nice range on the "microcosm family album" take a look over at my sisters-in-arms Celeste and Korin's latest posts. Not that the month at OHSU Hospital was easy, or the first month home was a breeze, but this past month I've seen both family C and family K face challenges and weariness, doubt and frustration. Say what you will about a retrograde Mercury, but this month was a doozy! I'm so proud to be a part of all of this, and so admire both of you for your courage and resillence that, many times while you yourselves are right in the moment of it, is clearer to those around you than to you yourselves. I sincerely hope November's joys come easily and freely and moments of calm are felt deeply as they come to each of us.

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aw laurie-loo.... i love you!