Monday, December 22, 2008

news here and there

I took that photo a few days ago, back when you could see stairs or bikes or... yards. The pictures from today have yet to come off my camera yet but we've now got almost 2' on the ground. And here I was thinking it wouldn't snow. I think MODISH here has the right idea, hunkering down for a true Portland anomaly.

I was able to get some new shots of my printed cards the other day- now my shop is about 3/4 scanned images and some odd photos. I seem to be cursed with the inability to take even shots of my products, with the rain everything was coming out yellow-tinted, now with the snow it all looks blue. I've had the shop (one way or another) for just about a year now, so I"m familiar with the limits of my own photography skills. Still, anytime I get a few acceptable angles I'm quick to put them up on the site. I imagine it is a leap of faith, otherwise, for people to buy any art image with only the scanned representation of it.

Two weeks ago it started snowing here in Portland, sort of unbelievable it has been going on so long now. C was just about to step on a plane with the boys for the first time and venture off to the East Coast. Due to that initial dusting of snow and some scheduling luck I got out of work early that day, coming home to an impromptu party.

The R family had picked up their tree that afternoon and were full swing in an all-out Christmas family tree decorating fest. There was a long train of classic Christmas movies playing, and discussion of what ornaments to put where now that their little one is 2 years old. Dancing and delicious dinner, cookies and silliness. For our first holiday season with our friends here it was a sincerely heartwarming night. As for the first day of snow and tree decorating for MNJ and SL it was a whole lot of fun.


noricum said...

You need to get out your camera manual and read the bit about manual white balance. (Your camera will have it. I was sure mine didn't until someone told me it would.)

Anonymous said...

You could also just play with my camera :D not that i know how it works, really!