Friday, March 13, 2009


I almost entitled this post "Folks are Nice", because over the last 4 days or so since my last post about ending up in Treasuries/ on blogs I've been the lucky recipient of a slew of conversations about being in more Treasuries/ on blogs! Thanks, friends! Really someday I hope to have the timing and patience it takes to put a Treasury together, but for now I'm extending my gratitude with some further mention of these shop keeps and their collections (with a little update news at the end).

First of all, Kathi over at kathiroussel (the beautiful jewelry shop we talked about last week) is the curator of another fine Treasury shown below. She also runs another shop! 5gardinias is a vintage shop where she collects and displays her cool vintage finds. Kathi certainly has an aesthetic eye~ it is so interesting to see sellers who create work and also collect vintage... the shops are always so different. I really love that she includes links to her Treasuries in the shop introduction, what a great idea.

It is also fun to have a bunch of Treasuries pop up at once because I'm often surprised by the surroundings in which my drawings find themselves. I'm not sure who in my shop was chosen as a runner up to muppetloon's soft pale Treasury (above). Anyway, it was such a beautiful collection I ended up putting hearts on many of the shops in there! Below is a Treasury by decora called In the Garden of Good and Evil (making this old bookseller smile). I was tickled to see the Robots there- of all things!

Products from ouou have also shown up in a couple of blogs this week, too. Hug from my new line of 4 bar sets ended up in a very sweet collection over at kiirey, in a lovely little post about hugging. (hugs are the best!) Nigel found himself drinking tea among the abounding colors over at colorfuldayz, the first of the new aceo series to show up somewhere else! I was pretty excited about that :)

Speaking of exciting- the last Treasury I want to mention (check it out while its still up!~ and yes, I've fixed the html so you can just pop into these links) is over in Treasury West. Oh, it has been a while since I've shown up in the shifting world of the West, so I was particularly thrilled to visit once again. This Spring collection was put together by indiecreations here in Portland, Oregon. There is Black Umbrellas among the birds and blooms <3>

Wow! That was a whole bunch of links~ I hope you've enjoyed them and found some great new arts to discover. Last little bit at the end here is just a fun update I enjoyed working on. All of the images in my shop are hand-drawn and then scanned, but really when I go to print up a card series I don't add or alter into the drawing on my computer. Because I'm not photoshopping the images, I've always considered them the closest thing to hand-drawn cards. However, I wanted to distinguish the actual original art that I've started to feature in my shop. So the other day I finally found a use for Nancy Says, adding her as my 5th image in the aceo/ original art listings!


always young at heart said...

I hope you consider visiting some tea shops. We have 2 on cape cod that might carry the cards so put together a sheet of Just Tea and also consider looking at the OI foundation Tea Event they have every year as a fundraiser.

Abigail said...

Lovely ACEO's! The linework on them is beautiful.