Monday, April 13, 2009

fast moving clouds

Here in PDX we are having one of those classic spring days; rainy morning gives way to beautiful, dappled sunlight, clouds move in, hail, wind, then the sun breaks through again, crisp blue skies, followed by more fast moving clouds on the horizon. We've been getting about one of these days per week, and I absolutely love the dramatic swift changes.

Another thing like fast moving clouds that I'm noticing is my own flit from project to project. Although on the blog I'm trying to project the confidence gleaned from my self-imposed release schedule (releasing new designs and sets in the shop)... around here I had been suffering from some *crazy* vacillating. I have the pen & ink designs to show for it, and this makes me happy, but I've started countless projects in pencil, gouache (I really love gouache, though it has been almost 9 years since I've used the media), watercolor, colored pencil, and the beginnings of projects in Photoshop. Oh my gosh. Exciting to have these plates spinning, but a little confusing, too. Through some brainstorming with my sister, I was able to give myself an outline for what tasks I have ahead of me in regards to the shop, and what directions I'm headed in terms of creating a portfolio (hence the other works).

Ah, that feels nice.

One last thing regrding handmade... the brownies we tried last week from here were divine. I even got them put together in the mad-dash between dinner and my nephews' bedtime, so not so hard to make! I find brownies from scratch often to be too flour-y, but these were quite good, and not too sweet.

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