Sunday, April 19, 2009


beginning silkscreen "knitting otter" project

During the week, most of my drawing, painting, and printmaking has been in preparation of the upcoming 5 days. My parents are coming all the way from Massachusetts, so I had to decide whether or not to go on an Etsy vacation during their trip. Happily, I've finished enough work and an outline for myself in order to organize the time in the morning and at night when I'll be working. No vacation, though during the days it will surely feel like one- and luckiest of all we have just stepped into the green green budding trees that light up all of Portland in a verdant springtime show.

It should be an eventful week around ouou. I have new ACEOs I'll be bringing in, with posts on Flickr too. I was able to spend the better part of an afternoon with the Gocco, and have some great pictures. I'll be posting about that, and listing a few items of clothing at long last. End the week with a new card set? I'm thinking about it. :)

MNJ chewing, and blowing raspberries

Circumstances may have conspired to help me day after day find time alone, a watercolor here or Gocco printing there, but I can't say it has made for the easiest week. The boys got their third illness in a long string of illnesses, and since there was never really any time to catch up in between them, such a chain of events was met with the cup 1/2 full of exhaustion for the mama.

Wrapping up a week of high-stress thankfully ends with counting off the subtle or grand changes the boys have gone through. It seems to work like this, days pass, and once we find ourselves back in routine there is some remarkable thing the boys have learned to do in the meantime. MNJ's little tooth is visible now, and you can plunk him down sitting on his bottom and he won't even bat an eye. The previous 8 months of not being able to sit unassisted certainly give you a feeling of incredible wonderment when a baby learns how.

The time might be stressful, but moments stand out as we continue to get to know these boys and they continue to explore their world. This most recent illness hit MNJ pretty fast, but SL with particular intensity. This time around he's had more bouts of sadness around being sick, the coughing, or his restless sleep. And, since SL is the scooter, it was a poignant change that he began scooting across the room, placing his hands on your knees, and looking for the life of him that he needed a good snuggle. I feel as though SL and I crossed over into being pals this week... not that we weren't before, but in this time before language every single shift that builds that connection has a newness. When C brought the boys back east for the holidays SL was barely smiling, but by the time I saw them again he was free and generous with his open-mouthed grins. Witnessing that change is like fireworks its so strong, and in some way that was what my week of SL hugs was like.

In closing, I want to mention that the dear, sweet felt artist RikRak had a little ouou artist spot on her blog this Friday. She requested an interview, with questions about inspiration, and then pairs the answers with inspiring images of her own- it was really fun! RikRak's craft weds flawless attention to detail (I bought one of her bibs for the boys while C was still pregnant and treasure it) with masterful use of color. I've admired her shop, gracious kindness, and now blog throughout my own Etsy journey. I'm really very honored to be mentioned, and hope you take this chance to stop by, say hello, and hear what she has to say about the crafting life.

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