Friday, May 8, 2009


I've been looking after the boys for two mornings now while C has been out of the house. They are both napping, I've made myself a cashew butter treat, and I'm sitting in the back doorway while the spring clouds move quickly by, creating wavering temperatures, undulating shadows fall on the grass. The baby monitor makes a dulled chirping noise like crickets through a filter, giving the 10 a.m. hour a surreal, misplaced feeling. There should be fireflies, as I equate crickets with warm summer nights of my own childhood. Time settles down.
This is the company of two sleeping babies, one of the most precious of silences.


shannon said...

Hello, there, Laurie, this is Shannon from Twisted (yarn shop on NE Broadway). We love your cards, and would love to carry them, but there's no contact info on your biz card. Can you email us? (infoATtwistedpdxDOTcom). Thanks!

mushroommeadows said...

well, that is beautifully written!!!

Behind ouou said...

Shannon, you are so sweet! Anyone in PDX that hasn't checked out Twisted should do so- they have a tantalizing, beautiful shop! Emails on the way :)

Mushroommeadows, I'm making lists of things you can look ahead to as an Auntie. So rewarding!