Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm finding the best ways to get creative work done is to schedule the rest of my day, and as it unfolds to look out for windows or opportune moments when the printing, Gocco or painting could get done. If I had looked at my week at all on it's onset I would have said "fat chance!" to getting any painting (one of my more time consuming past times) done, but wouldn't you know yesterday in the late afternoon as dinner was in the oven, the boys were out for a walk with their mama, at the doorway of our bedtime routine I happened upon the perfect segment of time.

You may wonder after these past years of keeping a blog- what does she do with all those paintings? I talk about the watercolor process quite often, while there are no watercolors in my Etsy shop, and no mention of their futures once finished. One reason is simply the process- painting is really enjoyable for me, and as it has many stages and steps I find it is easiest to photograph throughout the emergence of a finished work. Having moved so much, and been living out all these adventures along the way, there have also been little means with which to explore reproductions of these paintings. So they sit. And wait.

Perhaps now that I've got a feeling of permanence, something new can happen with the paintings. I hesitate to bring yet another element into my Etsy shop; I like the way it is set up now with printed cards, Gocco clothing, paper and prints. The goal, then, is to begin selling prints of the watercolors from my blog instead of through Etsy. I'm considering having mid-week sales that run once a month for limited edition prints or other items.

This is where the confusion about a give away, and all of the possible variants of that, stalled me last month. So, considering this weekend is a long weekend (in the States) I'll just postpone a week, and begin the exciting endeavor on June 1st. I'll have news about the upcoming give away here and on Facebook, and try a few of these before taking the plunge to actual sales through

Until then, and as long as I get some photos of them, stay tuned in the shop for upcoming Gocco prints, more gifts bags, and cards! Knitter Notes, cards that had previously resided in the guest artist section of Bamboo Village Press, are back in my shop until BVP opens back up. More knitting kittens, otters, and some familiar friends to come!

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Jhoanna Herrera said...

I love your knitting kittens they are so cute and such a lovely idea.

P.S. your watercolours are lovely, it makes me want to try watercolours myself even though i can't draw at all.