Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hello blog. Hello friends. How I've missed you! I know I was doing this before the Christmas holiday~ working, commuting, childcare (sometimes), drawing, blogging, packaging, shipping. Things that we're adding to the list are living with the kids, cooking meals, printing Gocco, wholesale and consignments. In a perfect world I'll add to this drawing, reading, and hanging out with friends. I know I can keep all of these things going, and even add more, but my blogging may be sporadic for the next few weeks as I have added the new out-of-the-house working element.

I'm posting photographs of recent additions to the shop that have yet to appear in the blog. Whats missing is the riot of color that surrounds me/ us here in Portland. What a joyful time to have such a multifaceted life, both days I'm out of the house and days I'm here at home. Walks to work under flowering, fragrant trees are something of a dream! I get home from work around 8 pm, the sun is just setting, the boys are asleep. The commute to work is useful for Etsy since it brings me closer, and with more routine, to my printers and post office. Days "off" are spent between playing with the babies, cooking for the week, and (now) a ton of artistic persuits. These are the building blocks for a *really* good summer.

Come see Robot Parade (top) and Cookie Bag - vellum (above) now at ouou. Keep an eye out in my CafePress shop, too, for the new Spring designs showing up on all sorts of fun stuff!

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