Monday, July 27, 2009

A Long, Long Day

Dear Readers,

Wow... June 26th was the last time I visited my blog!? What on earth has been happening?
Hello and welcome back to you, to me, to this whole adventure we call art-making, child-rearing, settling, working and dreaming. I admit- July sort of unfolded in a fearsome way, and I'm glad its wrapping up with a new month on the horizon. But here we are, so thank you with your patience as I took a holiday from the public record of my life and simply did my best to live it.

The house, the boys, my sister, and the shop are all doing fine. I'm happy to report I've been doing a lot of smaller Gocco projects and widening my freebies, crafty-items, and working on the fixing's for the comeback of Gocco gift packs. I'm sad to report that early last month my camera met a grusome end, making it a little tricky to traverse this Internet communication/ shop running in the same way that I had been. I may be releasing some new products in an effort to fund raise to replace my camera, and will keep the blog, Flickr, and Facebook updated in regards to such goings-on.

Otherwise, my brain is a little fried with this heat wave Portland, Oregon is having (tomorrow 109 degrees!?). My heart, too, is feeling the distance with my twin nephews, who are turning their 1st year old in just 12 days, are on the other side of the country for about a month. Lucky for me there is work to be done- lots of it!- and also a blog to dust off, keeping my sister in the loop of her neighborhood's events while home in Massachusetts. I'll do my best to find some photographs, and make sure some newsworthy, positive, adventurous events happen in the following weeks.

Happy summer, everyone.


mushroommeadows said...

I am glad to hear that you're doing alright! I was worried about you! :)

Behind ouou said...

Good to be back- and rallying on through! Thanks for checking in, friend. You are sweet