Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bamboo Village Press on Etsy

Look at all those comments! Thank you for the inspiration, I'll be deciding *tomorrow night* what the newest monster in my shop will be named. I really enjoy having giveaways so my gratitude to all of you for participating... and those of you who have not, there is still another day left. :)

Speaking of things I love, my sister has decided to re-open her Etsy shop Bamboo Village Press. Yay! I feel like her timing couldn't be better; its been over a year since my nephews were born, although we're thinking about moving we are still comfortable and familiar with our current set-up, and reconnecting with a community of fellow artists is *always* a good thing. Saunter on over to her shop and check out her fabric, Gocco printed Journals, and delicate papercuts.

Other links behind Bamboo Village Press are here on Flickr and the story behind the fund, here on the Bamboo Village blog.

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Celeste said...

Aw, Sis. Thanks for the props!