Monday, November 26, 2007

New Things & New York Shows

Well, somehow the weekend flew by. With more printing finished Sunday, it is time to send out my first mailing today. Yay!

I am still learning quite a bit about just what it takes to get the cards off the ground, as a shop and as items themselves. My next step is to design some packaging, and as I was folding cards and matching envelopes last night I realized it was time to print up some labels on the card backs. Behind the scenes, those little touches are becoming realized.

As for other new things, my good friend Bethany has started her blog. We went to art school together, sharing many of the same artistic influences. You can expect lots of music & movies, pop culture, Japanese everything, and we might get to see some artwork too!

I spent a lot of this weekend drawing and have finished two new designs... brambles and bunnies... here they are:

Actually, most of my weekend took place in my sketchbook. I had trouble sleeping Saturday and stayed up late sketching until exhaustion took over.

* * *
If you are in, or going to, New York there are two shows you should know about: Giant Robot's gallery in New York is having a short show for the minimal and haunting Jen Corace. Jen has an adorable children's book about a little pea that does not want to eat her sweets, but the images from this show (see online gallery here) are more sobering and surreal. I love this work! As far as I can tell, the show is over December 6th, so although I will not get to see it I hope someone can check it out.

The German & Austrian Neue Galerie, right down the street from the Met Museum, is holding a show on Klimt's drawings through June of 2008. The Galerie itself is an intimate and beautiful setting. They have several paintings, both landscapes and portraits, as well as wide range of letters and jewelery in careful display. Some of the drawings are a little hard to see based on the lighting in different rooms, but I highly recommend this exhibit. One room has a wrap-around of the Beethoven Frieze (and playing Beethoven's 9th) that is just amazing. I was lucky enough to get to the show before moving out of New York, anyone thinking of going has 7 months to plan the trip!
It is $15 to get into the show, you have 7 months to save up. : )


Vicki said...

I wanted to go see the Jen Corace show, I love her stuff, too. She's been on Tiny Showcase a couple of times. Come to think of it, you should be on Tiny Showcase, all tiny and pretty.

Laurie said...

Yeah, I was writing with you in mind. She is wonderful! I know not what this "Tiny Showcase" is... off to find out : ) Thank you Vicki!