Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday morning over coffee I uploaded my newest card design to the shop. Bigger jingle bells showed up in the sketchbook several weeks ago, but this is their first finished apperance. I was not drawing much in the hubbub of setting up the shop, so it was a pretty spontaneous drawing, showing up just the day before yesterday! Those mini-jingles
may appear in more designs throughout the winter, I like how they look like "thought bubbles" in this one. I was happy with how she came out.

Thanksgiving in almost 70 degree weather, smack in the middle of the usual 40 degree East Coast November, is cause for special treatment. Wednesday my sister and I had gone for a leisurely walk at Wissahickon Valley Park. It was truly autumnal, filtered sunlight and blazing yellow leaves.

The place is huge, with a paved section and also paths for hiking through the woods. It was so enthralling that when the weather turned unseasonably warm Thanksgiving day, we got some water bottles and went right back for more!

We did a little hiking through the woods, the large rock formations and fallen trees. There were quite a few families there, mostly with young children, nice to see other people out and away from the television. Celeste and I were there for just about two hours when rain clouds settled over the area. We had to sprint to the car as the wind rose, temperature dropped, and the rain came! It was great!

This was by no means a "traditional" way to spend the holiday, we didn't have plans for a home-style dinner but instead went out for a yummy, generous brunch with steaming cups of coffee before hitting the trail. I think we made the most out of an unusual holiday scenario, she had a change of plans and I could not travel home to Massachusetts because I work today. It turned out to be a peaceful, beautiful couple of days.

When we came home we talked to the family on the phone, ate fresh baked cookies (yum!) and watched the Discovery channel's miniseries Planet Earth. This show is simply breathtaking.

While I'm on the subject of nature, get a load of little ladybug hanging out on the front door. I came upon her after a short walk Thursday morning. Ladybugs love this apartment building, I must have seen three or four already in the same spot, and I have only been here for two weeks or so. Button up, Lady! It is cold outside today.

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always young at heart said...

really enjoying your photographs. The pictures of your walk with Celeste brought be back to my walk with her, too. Nice to be with you both everyday, even if I am on Cape cod and you are there.