Thursday, November 15, 2007


Today I woke up all ready to photograph for the Etsy shop. And the best place to do this is outside. And it is raining. And cold. And also raining.
...A lot.
I am getting a little bit cabin-fevered (I go back to work Monday-phew!) so getting rained in had me feeling more than a little on edge. What to do? Eventually I just put on some comfy socks, make a fresh pot of coffee, and allowed myself to draw without any thought as to finishes or projects. Just drawing. (Zen gong sound) That was good.


Knittah said...

I love him! It's a tshirt!

Celeste said...

enable commenting! enable commenting! enable commenting!


yo sistah

nicole said...


Vicki Y said...

Monstah-love on a rainy day.