Friday, November 16, 2007

Raa Chaa Chaa!

Wow. First order of business is a big huge heartfelt thank you to everyone for the bombardment of wonderful comments. What totally kind, generous, talented and inspiring people you all are. I am gushing thanks. Please give yourself a little hug and say hello to you from me. I hope you enjoy this blog and that it gives some of you crafty/artsy folk some ideas, too!

Hey! It is sunny today! Me and the digital camera had a very blustery picnic outside with my trusty sketchbook in tow. I finally got a good handful of photos taken that look pretty good.

I am also happy to report that I have a new design that will be appearing in Bamboo Village Press soon- it will be next to hit the Gocco. For this I simply cannot wait!
By the way~ for those who don't get why I am loco for Gocco, this is a printmaking press that originated in Japan, makes deliciously crisp prints, and fits on a counter top. As portable printmakers go, it is aces! That's right... aces! I am still on the one-color side of that learning curve, looking at full-color examples of Gocco prints still drops my jaw. Lucky for me a lot of my recent drawings are in black & white. I have three more designs all ready to try while I practice, practice, practice. So my thanks extend all the way to Japan!

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child_of_africa said...

Hi Laurie! So great to see you in the blogosphere and to have a way to keep up with your work!