Sunday, November 18, 2007

Kittens Knit My Scarves

You may not recognize it (the photo is blurry) but one of the Most Amazing Trees in the World is right outside the apartment door. This guy is huge and orange and just totally on fire! Autumn is my favorite season, from the weeks of rain to the leaves-stuck-to-everything winds. It helps that I am endlessly delighted each year when the leaves change.
Lately the weather has started threatening little hints of winter, but this morning it is just cold and cloudy and looks as though it rained all night. I am curled up with some steaming coffee and a couple of blankets, still rubbing sleep from my eyes.

Yesterday Celeste and I were both home with the whole day to work on production. Oh my goodness. A rare and exceptional thing! It was lots of fun, the day started with supply shopping and ended with us sacked-out on the couch, inky hands and dazed looks in our eyes, and an abundance of new creations.

This is the second kitty w/ knits that I have made for Celeste's shop. I suspect the combined influence of living with a knitter and my own addiction to Cute Overload has me drawing all these knittery kittens.
Once we got rolling, I was set up printing some cards and paper goods while Celeste squeegeed away onto fabric. Knitting kitty here was followed by more of those fancy twin fish you saw in the photo for my first post. There are also a boy drinking cocoa with his dragon, and a recent design we tried out called "Milk".

Today the batteries are all charged for the camera, photos of yesterday's output will follow. I am trying out some popcorn designs (as of now they look an awful lot like chubby little octopuses!)... hopefully by the day is done the color, non-Gocco prints for new cards will be finished.

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