Sunday, November 18, 2007

All Things Cozy

This past week Celeste has been working on a number of cozies to wrap around a French press. This is such a useful but also novel idea that I cannot get enough of it. Sort of like those urban knitters that wrap wacky unexpected places (I found this picture of work from graffiti team knitta on

...yes, that cool! And in your house! And wrapped around your morning coffee! Those sheep would be proud.
(Maybe Celeste really is a street knitter, graffiti needles at the ready! Hmmm... Cozying the world, one French press at a time?)
You can see our efforts from yesterday, too. I was really happy with "Milk" on these earth-brown cards and those pretty Moleskine journals. It is one of the few things I have drawn over the last two months without eyes or paws or ears. Oh, and I'm lactose intolerant, too. Celeste wryly suggested I draw one for "Soy"... maybe that design will be in my shop.
What is going on with my Etsy shop, you say? We did a bulk of the printing today. You will be the first to know.

Otherwise I am just wild about felt lately, those simple shapes and bright colors. Can you tell I have worked in a children's book store recently? Take a look at these felt Yeti finger puppets in cherylasmith's shop! The rest of her wares are of equal caliber. Clean and smart. Tiny and vibrant. When I finally get to the point of taking out my needle and thread (or, buying some) I hope to make toys as simply, well, cozy as these.


Knittah said...

I love the knitting kitty!

Vicki Y said...

Haha, the milk is indeed cute but I am lactose intolerant like you. Remember all those soy lattes! I will wait for the soy version. I'm also going to keep myself from buying everything at Celeste's etsy page so other people can enjoy the fruits of your labor. But peoples and other fans of Laurie, I can only wait so long. Get to it.