Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Hey look! My shop is officially open!
Follow the link or type www.ouou.etsy.com!
Good Times!

I have lived with these guys filling up my oversize sketch book for months. It feels really good to see them out there in the world.

It has been dark and rainy here all day, the perfect wrap-up-in-blankets w/ fireplace+purring kitty weather. I am looking ahead to doing just that in celebration! In the upcoming days and weeks I hope to add the Gocco cards and some new designs or products (possibly iron-on's?). But for tonight? I might not have a fireplace, or even a cat, but I can curl up with a good book and that will be a fine end to an exciting day.



Vicki Y said...

Oh my god Laurie they are all so cute!! I think I'm going to die.......

Korin said...

when Ruby saw the pix she said "oooooh!" but it sounded more like "ou!" lol