Monday, December 10, 2007

boy oh boy

The introductions continue in my little ouou shop. This morning I added a couple new Mixed Sets after watching the sales of the last month. Sometimes people are buying in groups by theme, so I thought I would make it easy and create note card sets that offer a selection from the series that I have in the shop. It still needs some work, but over the next week I should be able to get up to five different sets available.

Not only did I sell a bunch of individual sets in the Snowflake Series today, but one of the mixed sets too! On its first day! I nearly fell over I was so excited. : )

Actually, I've been up since before dawn in a pretty Etsy-heavy day. Today was creating new listings, mailings, banking, finishing two new designs (hint: that Children and Dragons section may rule the roost now, but Valentine is coming to town next at ouou and, yeah, its gonna be purrrdy) and working on a commission I need to mail in the next couple days.

I'm happy to report I also was able to read, go to the printer, place some major supply orders, finish the dishes and talk to my friend BB for a long while too. How do people with children do this? You guys have a well-spring of respect coming from this little shopkeep. (low bow)

I can't wait to get the new designs in the shop. They are building and building as I had a lot of time off last week, but it will also be nice to catch up with myself a bit. I don't even have pictures of them yet to share with you! Part of learning how to do this is knowing when to call it a night and relax. Close the laptop, close the sketchbook, put the pens away & go have some tea. Yep: don't mind if I do!

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