Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week In Review

Good morning, Sunday. Here in PA winter is in full swing! We had snow mid-week and for the last several days it has been very cold. That's okay, the hunkering-down effect this freezing weather has lead to a lot of rearranging of the house. That wintertime nesting.

This year, for me it involves the major task of giving or throwing away many of the things I have accumulated over the years. Oddly enough, this process is flavoring the early winter with a spring cleaning feel of relief and clarity. Like opening the windows to crisp, clean spring air while the wood burning stove melts the snow off your wooly mittens.

That does not mean, however, that I have given up on the shopping list. Thursday was spent mainly on supply shopping and maintenance of shop details. I have been delighted by the look of these new cards as I try out new ways of printing, and even made these snappy little tags for my parcels going out! Replaced the ribbon I was wrapping note cards in ($$$) with rafia (wraphia) that looks just as lovely, and replaced my fading Micron/ Sharpies.

Fridays shipping was extra fun with these new add-ons!

More exciting things about Friday began with Celeste being featured in a treasury on the FIRST PAGE of Etsy! Go Sista! I don't think either one of us really knew what to do with ourselves while her views skyrocketed. She bravely left the house during all the excitement, and her sales were great, but the buzz did not die down for quite a while. Great fun!

I have also added two new designs to the shop, Little Blue note cards and Love, Orange Dragon!

(little dragon: )

I tried my hand at forums and met some fun new shopkeepers, too! I'm still pretty shy around the forums (these are Etsy chats) though I think they are a great resource for advice and announcements. Today I am in the Paper Goods Section showcase, actually was just chatting in a forum about it too! It has generated some views, though I have better luck with sales in the afternoon and evening. Anyway, it is pretty funny to see Green Dragon next to all that letterpress and fancy bookbinding!

(big dragon!)

Stay Warm!

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