Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 1 month anniversary on Etsy. And, oh what a week it has been! Little OUOU sure has taken a running leap into the thrilling, I have been amazed and touched by the reception.

This week I have had the pleasure of receiving several very sweet conversations. I'm sending all that good feeling back in time to the Laurie who had just left her job and apartment in New York and was really freaking out about what to do next. That's part of why I'm gushing, here. Etsy really has been part of a radical change from even just a month ago. Meeting all these new people and seeing the love and attention crafters from all around the world put into their work is beautiful and exciting!

I will be back this weekend with a more detailed post, but for now I would like to send out the most sincere thank you to all of the people who have sent such marvelous conversations, to those of you riding along through the blog & sharing your thoughts, to my cheerful and friendly customers, my dear friends that I am far away from. Big hugs all around to my family and last but not least, ever-abundant thanks to my beloved sister,
who creates more-better worlds than she can ever imagine.

Its good to be here. : )

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Anonymous said...

so nice to finally see your wonderful work out in the world. Keep up the good work. A Proud mama