Sunday, December 16, 2007


Good morning. Finally, my weekend has come! I want to share this article in the NYTimes about Buy Handmade ~ here. Yay!

Okay, so LOTR is on the TV today and it is another day in the marathon winter rain we are getting. (If I build an ark, should I sell it on Etsy or give it away to my 100th customer?) Plus, I've quite a bit of shipping awaiting me & some Gocco since Celeste and I started printing our own shipping envelopes. Last (but, first) I am rather behind in several projects of importance to my heart, so I'll be drawing for most of my time off before going back to work Tuesday. So, yeah, those are the things I'll be doing. : )

I've also been doing a lot of artist blog-browsing in my early mornings & have some new artists to share with you! I made a promise last weekend to take Sundays totally off from Etsy, a good plan I think to have a day away from the computer, but here I am blogging instead! Silly girl, off to rescue my sketchbook from wherever it is buried and spend some time watering these roots.


Anonymous said...

Dhadhoo wishes to know what LOTR is ????
Idea for Valintine card How about a dragon using his tail as an arrow. Also a person
having all kinds of these tiny dragon arrows stuck in them...

Laurie said...

LOTR (pushes nerdy glasses up on nose) stands for Lord of The Rings... and I get the feeling you were watching that too with the arrows + tail idea. Awe, I miss you! :)